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Our range of 4GV double and triple grooves allows conditionning of all your needs in terms of dangerous goods such as : paint, chemical products, cosmetics, explosives class 1, batteries, aerosols….using all type of inner packaging made of plastic, glass or metal.

Those UN boxes certified ADR for road transport, IMDG for sea transport and IATA for air transport offer a conformity regardless the mode transport chosen.
4 GV boxes are marked X and can then include dangerous goods from packaging groups I, II and III.
As we always have them in stock, small quantities (from 40 or 50 units depending on references) can be delivered quickly.
We can also supply absorbents type vermiculite, absorbent sheets, as well as certified adhesive tapes : PP, reinforced tape 50 or 100 mm width.

Whole documentation is supplied for proper use of our UN packaging, indicating the necessity to use elements such as absorbent, padding, plastic bag, adhesive tape…


Designation Certificate Ref UN FP C
All types 4 kg FEA 10816A14 C1171 X4 logo_pdf V
All types 6 kg FEA 01903A12 C1014 X6 logo_pdf V
All types 8 kg FEA 10816B14 C1002A X8 logo_pdf V
All types 13 kg FEA 17926C12 C1057 X13 logo_pdf V
All types 15 kg FEA18227A15 C1179 X15 logo_pdf V
All types 28 kg FEA 15423D13 C1001A X28 logo_pdf V
All types 34 kg FEA 02704A21 C1257 X34 logo_pdf V
All types 42 kg PA-02 / 7687 C1172 X68 logo_pdf V
All types 140 kg PA-02 / 7322 C1081 X140 logo_pdf V
All types 182 kg PA-02/ 6902 C1134A X182 logo_pdf V
All types 217 kg PA-02/ 6902 C1134B X217 logo_pdf V
All types 260 kg PA-02/ 6902 C1134 X260 logo_pdf V