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Consumer commodity for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry


Designation Certificate Ref
Box LQ/ID8000 LQ C1165

In air transport (IATA DGR), transport in limited quantities (LQ) do not have the same exemptions as for road and sea transport.
This scheme is denied by many airlines except in the case of ID 8000.

The products concerned are packaged and distributed in a form intended or adapted for retail sale for personal or domestic use:
Perfumery products, parapharmacy products, aerosols … Those products must be aerosols 2.1 or 2.2 and products of class 3, II and III, 6.1 III or marked UN 3077, UN3082, UN 3175, UN3334 or UN3335 without subsidiary risk.

ID 8000 packagings must comply with packing instruction IE Y963 (Drop tests at 1.2 m and stacking test up to 3 m hight).

ETMD offers a wide range of ID 8000 certified products: see product sheet C1165.