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Lithium cells or batteries are classified UN3480, UN 3481, UN3090 and UN3091 (ionic or metal). These are classified as dangerous goods in the sense of transport and must respect regulatory requirements (ADR, IMDG and IATA DGR).
Your lithium cells/batteries are tested 38.3 according to manual of tests and criteria.
In ADR, instructions of packaging P903, P908, P909 or P910 must be respected. As today, P911 is in study.
In IATA, instructions of packaging PI 965, PI 967, PI 966, PI 968, PI 970 and PI 969 must be respected according to type of batterie, power in Wh and quantity of lithium in g.

For a punctual need we can provide several standard UN cardboard boxes, available in stock but we also develop tailor-made solutions using wedge adapted to your batterie in order to allow transport in all security.
We also have solutions for small batteries, such as button batteries according to DS188 (postal box with certification).

BOX 9kg OIV 7432 C1149 Y9 420 x 190 x 200 mm BATTERY Li+
BOX 13kg DS188 C1200 Y13 470 x 345 x 265 mm BATTERY Li+
BOX 22kg FEA 10315A18 C1223 X22 736 x 381 x 415 mm BATTERY Li+
BOX 16kg FEA 12218A18 C1227 X16 383 x 291 x 495 mm BATTERY Li+
BOX 12kg FEA 14124A19 C1235 Y12 638 x 165 x 192 mm BATTERY Li+
BOX 67kg FEA 34850A19 C1240 Y67 700 x 295 x 493 mm BATTERY Li+
BOX 2kg boite postale DS188 C1232 / C1232A Y2 200 x 150 x 22 mm BATTERY Li+