In accordance with current regulations, we have established in partnership with the European official bodies a procedure to ensure chemical compatibility of your product whatever the HDPE used.
Savings up to 10 times less expensive on the life of your chemical.

The user of the UN package must check that the packaged chemical is compatible with the packaging material chosen. This obligation applies to all modes of transport (ADR, IMDG, IATA DGR).

The concerned packagings are :

Drum and plastic jerrycan (1H, 3H)

Rigid plastics IBC (31H1 and 31H2)

Composite IBC with plastic container (31HZ1 and 31HZ2)

It is mandatory to test the chemical compatibility of your product with a package from an accredited laboratory. You have 3 methods to do it :

Storage during 6 months

Liquids of reference

Tests on specimens: swelling effect, cracking effect, oxidation effect

We accompany you on tests on specimens to offer you maximum flexibility to choose your packaging or change supplier.