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Packaging for the transport of dangerous goods approved UN (ADR, RID, IMDG, IATA/OACI).

Europemballage (ETMD) specialize in the manufacture of UN approved packaging : ADR, IMDG and ICAO-IATA of all types 4G, 4GV, 4H2, 4H2V, 5H2, 5M2, 1A2T, 1H2T

With many years of experience, ETMD develops standard and tailor-made solutions for the transport of dangerous goods with today more than 500 approvals (CeFEA, BVT, OIV, IBE, etc.) on its behalf. 

ETMD adapts to the varied and specific needs of its customers by accompanying them on the compliance of UN approved packaging in very varied fields such as Chemistry, Health, Phytosanitary Products, Pyrotechnics, Recycling and Waste, Lithium batteries, radioactive products…

Our team of Security Advisors will be able to answer and support you on all your packaging issues



Les locaux de Europemballage ETMD à GUIBEVILLE dans l'Essonne